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Mechanic Handing Keys

iRevolution Hire was founded to assist customers find replacement vehicles after a non-fault toad traffic accident (RTA).

Car Dealership

We aim to provide a vehicle of a similar size and specification, providing the same comfort and requirement a driver is used to with their own vehicle, whilst also reducing the inconvenience already experienced following the accident.


The credit hire vehicle is provided by iRevolution Hire on a deferred payment basis -  we then recover the charges from the fault driver's insurance company. 

Our vehicles are cross hired, giving us access to all vehicle types, including the following - 

  • Standard 

  • Prestige

  • Van

  • Taxi

  • Dual Control 

  • Specialist


The majority of vehicles we provide our customers will be under 12 months old, ensuring a high-quality replacement is provided to our customers. By sourcing vehicles under 1 year old, we know that customers will be happy relying on their replacement vehicle in their day-to-day driving.


iRevolution Hire aims to provide a hire vehicle to customers in need within 24 hours of the claim being reported to us.

Nearly New Cars

Reliable and trusted to fit in with customers daily lives.

24 hour turnaround

Reducing the inconvenience on the customer.

Matched to Requirements

Cars tailored to the needs of your drivers.

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