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Contact our team as soon as possible to make a claim.

Had an Accident? Here is what to do.


Stop the car as soon as the accident happens.



Check everyone in the vehiecle is ok following the accident and keep calm - especially if there is another driver involved.

If required, call the relevant emergency services.


When its safe to exit, leave the vehicle speak to the other driver. As the other driver for their contact details and speak to any eye witnesses to gain their contact details too.


Take photos of the accident, the location and the damage caused to both vehicles. You can use your mobile phone for this.

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Call Us

Report the accident to iRevolution Claims to manage your claim on your behalf.

Report your claims here.


About us

Here at iRevolution Claims we work to help customers in the event of a non-fault claim, offering a First Notification of Loss claims service on behalf of brokers that do not have their own internal claims team.

Once you report a claim to us we can:

  • Investigate the claim

  • Confirm liability

  • Arrange for a replacement vehicle 

  • Find vehicle repair specialists

  • Notify the third-parties insurers involved

  • Put you in touch with any other services you may require including solicitors.


Let iRevolution Claims do the hard work for you.

About iRevolution Claims

We are a UK based Claims specialist that work on behalf of insurance brokers that do not have their own in-house claims team. We are ready to take your call and help you take control of your claims experience.

Report Claims 24/7

Any time, any day availability. Call us on 0330 055 3996

Nationwide Claims Assistance

Cover across the country - North to South.

UK Based Call Centre

Speak to a UK based agent who can help you when you need it.

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